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12 décembre 2013 4 12 /12 /décembre /2013 13:00



Late Night est une pièce grecque du Blitz Theatre Group, écrite et mise en scène par Christos Passalis, Angeliki Papoulia et Giorgos Valaïs (du 10 au 20 décembre 2013, Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil).

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Frisco 15/12/2013 01:55

hope you don't mind my commenting in English. French is a much prettier tongue.

i appreciate how you contrast these two productions in abstract terms. Americans have lost this ability. and i envy your living in Paris where you can traipse from one interesting spectacle to
another every few days! so thank you for taking me there and sharing your insights and those video clips. however, since i am a crank, i find two things missing in your review:

1. your emotional reaction to the piece. i know you love Greece. we all know Greece is undergoing seismic upheavals. and from the video excerpt, everything seems very tense and overwrought.
what's it like for you to sit through that? and if you were to distill that, what would you say is the feel of this evening? in other words, please render an aesthetic judgement.

2. it might help me understand these two productions to have some words describing the theatrical techniques or genres involved. i hesitate to say this because i really, really like that your
writing is devoid of buzz words. however, i still think it'd help to distinguish between the "performance" or "choreography" of the Greek and the "realism" or the "play" structure of the Spanish.
these are two distinct approaches which i feel merit mention.

3. there's always a third. something about the directors, those puffed-up auteurs who put their actors through hell. what do you think they were trying to achieve? did they achieve it? was it
worth achieving?

your blog is beautiful and it's an honor to comment here.


Dornac 15/12/2013 10:15

Thank you very much Frisco, you are right, it's more a comment, an information about the two shows than a real critic (that I am not). Too fast.

Let me take a little time to answer.

lizathenes 12/12/2013 20:00

Le théâtre : la dernière aventure collective !

Dornac 12/12/2013 21:35

Oui : à chaque fois que je vais au théâtre, c'est plein à craquer. Je crois que ça marche bien.

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