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7 février 2009 6 07 /02 /février /2009 15:36

I remember the park beside with the pines and their very long light green thorns : these pines smell like soap, especially when it's hot, the odour fill your breathe.


                  Here, you see, and as often when you are at the top of greek theaters, the nature around seems to be the jewels case of the theater.

When I was in Athens, I booked a ticket to see a play at night in the theater of Epidavros (between 14.000 and 15.000 seats).   It was an Aristophanes' play that I didn't know. Even if I didn't understand a word because it was all in greek (I am not good enough in that language to understand a play), the comic of the stage and of the characters helped me and I laughed. Some people around me explained some things to lead me laughing with them.

The scenery was made of big paintings of pinus.

The costums (with the masks) were roughly modeled on antic ones. Some actors were wearing t-shirts with a big pinus on it.

So... easy to understand that

the pinus





the play.

But well, the name of the play is "Eκκλησιαζουδες" = The Assembly of women".

It's a critic of the new administration of Athens at the time of Aristophanes. Women change the rules of the City while men are still sleeping, to save the world...


Aristophane :

(L'Assemblée des femmes),
 directed by Philip Hedley


History of ancient greek th
Don't ever kill a goat, it will shout bring out a tragedy! Litteraly tragedy means "the song of the goat" : τράγος-tragos: goat, ωδή-odi : ode. A goat was sacrified before the beginning of each theater performance for Dionysos, god of wine and extacy.
In Spanish "tragos dia" is a day drink (or a day for drinks) !
I prefer in Spanish, baaa!

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