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22 septembre 2009 2 22 /09 /septembre /2009 15:59



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lizagrece 07/10/2009 23:02

Merci de publier ses si beaux textes

Dornac 08/10/2009 05:49

Merci de les lire.

annie 23/09/2009 08:41

hi again :) I see we feel creative on the same days. I just wrote something on my blog on the 22nd as well... LoL.

Elli Lambeti was the greatest. I hope you'll find the time to watch "Kalpiki Lira" [english title: The Counterfeit Coin] the movie I sent you, where she's having an unforgettable duo with Dimitris
Horn- not to mention other memorable actors of the time, like Fotopoulos and Logothetidis.

When this movie came out, it was all the rage - in 1955, cinemas all over Greece had people coming in, in thousands.It made a record in the Box Office of the time, and it was also critically
acclaimed. It received an award at the Venice Festival, as well as in Moscow and elsewhere.

Music is by Manos Hatzidakis. Plot-wise, this film was also the first greek movie that combined different stories into one, into an episodic structure. This movie has four different segments and
they all beautifully add up.

Dornac 25/09/2009 17:31

Thank you so much for all these informations.
I didn't create anything here, I just did copy/paste Cavafy... ;D

By the way, I spend a lot of time correcting my own mistakes. Do dare to tell me if ever you see some because I can't see all of it all by myself.
I don't have much time, I have a lot of work, so no movies just now, during these times, but I will, of course... during the holidays, I think.

I like very much this poem of Cavafy because of (what we call in France) "réminiscence" (memory coming back thanks to tastes, odours etc.).
This poem looks like an "erotic madeleine de Proust" (Marcel Proust wrote a long and sensual description about how all the past came back into his mind while he was eating a cake after putting it
in his tea : it's a special taste reminding him his chilhood).

Again, thank yooooou... ;* filakia

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